Monday, 23 February 2015

Hallway project part 1

Finally getting around to decorating our hall way.  It is an awkward L-shaped room, almost like 2 rooms in one:  long narrow 'corridor' opening out on one end to a square where each room leads off from.  It is often neglected and is the dumping ground for 'stuff' when we come home.  I have had the paper (using 3 different kinds)  picked for the hall for past couple of years but have swithered several times over one of them.  This is where mine and Hubby's tastes differ...more about that later.
Our hall is always where, whatever room I have cleared out or de-junked, ends up storing said junk as I never know whether to keep/ charity shop/ store at parent's (not really an option, but its generally for Kiddo's outgrown toys which they, incidently, bought most of...) or take to the tip.  It starts off clear and inviting, but very quickly is full of crap again. As the hall gets no natural light of its own, rather relying on light from  the other rooms, its really nice to have it free from clutter - easier said than done in my home!
Currently all the walls are magnolia from when we were selling, a couple of years ago. There are an assortment of photographs on the walls and furniture for storage.

 These were taken before I gave the shoe rack its make over at the end of last year.
 See how clutter free and calm the place looks?  This nice and tidy space did not last once life resumed following the photography session....

This was my chest of drawers that used to be in the livingroom.  the section of the hall in the 'square'.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to reshuffle the furniture again : the drawers have found their way back into the living room and the book cases that used to be in the hall years ago are back there.  So now, prior to decorating, the furniture configurement looks like this (please remember we live here and none of the 3 of us are particularly tidy by mother and mother-in-law will be horrified that I have shared these pics, but hey!) :

The papers we have chosen to decorate with are brick work for all walls except the one which has the bureau against it (this will have a 'feature paper').  The long wall in the corridor will be in the red brickwork

and all other walls in a white fresco brick
That's all fine and settled, as I said, for the past couple of years.  The decision and chopping and changing of minds stands firmly between the differing tastes of Hubby and I.  We have narrowed our short list down to 2 papers. I put both on Facebook the other day to see which paper people preferred - all bar 1 preferred Hubby's choice - any comments are welcomed here if you wish to share.  The 2 papers in question are :


These are the ones Hubby vetoed when narrowing our selection :

 "I could live with it if I had to, but would rather not!"

"Oh Hell NO!"
Sadly of all the papers I looked at, THIS was my favourite. There is something so funky and retro yet warm about it. I LOVE it. 

So this is the current "Digs to Home" project underway. 
Part 2 will follow upon completion of project. Once we eventually pick the bloody paper we can agree on.

ps. I like the teal paper with the retro sunbursts 
pps. - All 6 wallpapers shown are from


  1. I love the blue wall paper! We have the same problem with a narrow hallway and the dumping of stuff, I keep clearing out the clutter and then it returns! Looking forward to seeing the decorated version! :)

  2. Yay for the blue paper!!! Thank you Jenny x
    Isn't it amazing how just quickly the clutter accumulates?
    Hopefully part 2 won't be long...its been 2 years so far....

  3. I love the purple Hell No paper. See? I am no use at all at this. The feature wall in my living room is brightly coloured bookshelves. .The decorator's face was a picture. She recovered well. There is no subtlety there whatsoever. I love the blue AND the black and white. Put them both up and the purple on the ceiling. Then it won't matter how cluttered it gets 'cos no one's going to be looking!!!!! (It took me a moment, but I've solved it, yes?!!)

  4. Fab suggestion Lynn, thanks :) Actually I have been looking at colour painted ceilings (you got psychic powers?), but not for the hall as its too dark, but got plans for the bedrooms and bathroom...
    That pink/purple wavy paper is gorgeous when viewed as a whole wall - even my sister (who has different tastes to me - she wasn't fussed on the teal as thought I could get a better retro style paper) liked it. There is not much in the way of subtlety about my personality, so naturally, my home is the same ;)
    I LOVE that bookshelf paper. I know the look on your decorators face, ours was the same in the livingroom when presented with orange paisley patterned paper and a wish for yellow walls with purple window architraves, lol.


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