Saturday, 7 March 2015


What is it to be a woman?
Depends to whom you speak.
We are defined by many a stereo type.
So many labels, from 'bitch' to 'weak'

The Girly Girl
Loves glitter and pink,
cocktails and shoes.
Doing lunch
But too vacuous for political views.
Cute, pretty and sweet,
Carefully waxed and shaved.
Immaculately turned out
Always well behaved.
Flowers, cupcakes and jewellery
What girly could want more?
Well maybe perfume, a manicure 
And cash to spend on clothes galore.
To be blonde is to be dizzy;
What a crock of shit.
Judged purely on asthetics
Ignoranance and derision that won't quit.

The Feminist
Strident in her man-hating endevours,
Burning her bra and chucking her razors.
Masculine, barefaced and plain,
Docs, dungarees and blazers.
Politically astute.
Fighting for equality for man and woman.
But listening to some opinions,
we're still considered a 2nd class human.

The (Yummy) Mummy
With either a rich husband to support her
Or enjoying the benefits of the State,
the SAHM's life with her brood,
Benign TV and lattes must be great.
No stress of a 'real' job or financial contribution,
Not really independent.
This is not the 1950's.
A housewife's life is hardly resplendent.
Ah, but the working mother;
She feels guilty and worries about dropping the ball.
Whats she complaining about?
She's got what women want; she's got it all!
Mothers are constantly under scrutiny
Regardless of what they do.
We're all pretty much winging it
So keep your critique, thank you.
The Slut
Enjoys good sex and a good time,
The decisions made are hers.
Presumed to be promiscuous,
Once the name calling occurs.
Short skirts and heels,
Banter that's flirty
Does not automatically mean
She's "up for it" and "dirty".
1 lover or 20
or even a hundred more.
The number is irrelevant; she's not
A tramp, slag or whore.

Now, none of these descriptions
sound remotely appealing.
Women are so often portrayed in a negative light,
The names and language used are highly revealing.
How about jugdement then:
Too fat, too thin, too young, too old,
Too sexy, too frigid, too drunk, too nice,
Too bossy, too coorse, too emotional, too cold?
Too opinionated, too high maintenance,
Too head strong.
Too masculine, too feminine,
Hair too short or too long.

What is it to be a woman?
Are we so easily defined?
Such limited scope for being yourself,
Time to leave the confines behind.
We are all individuals, free from the mold
Of stereo type and prescription
And of doing what we're told.

Thankfully us Gals are strong and
To the patriarchy, we will not kowtow;
Misogyny does not fly.
Lets celebrate being a woman. Now!
(Maya) Angelou, (Gloria) Steinem and (Betty) White:
Inspirational women.
(Nicola) Sturgeon, (Hilary) Clinton and (Anna) Wintour
Glass ceiling? Smashed by these women.
(Caitlin) Moran, (Ellen) DeGeneres and (Tina) Fey
Articulate and hilarious women
Beyonce, (Lena) Dunham and (Emma) Watson
21st century women.

Independent, confident and smart;
Labels I will take.
Positive adjectives please;
Is it really so hard? For Fucks sake!

To be a woman is:
To be yourself in all your glory.
This is your your life.
This is your story.

Image from here

Lissa Orr, 2015

International Women's Day 8th March 2015
#PaintItPurple  #MakeItHappen #womensday #IWD2015


  1. This post is brilliant! I love that quote at the end too - it really is time to chuck out the stereotypes!

    1. Thank you Jessica.
      I agree, stereotypes are so damaging and narrow minded.


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