Sunday, 15 February 2015

21st Century Parenting

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Being a parent in the 21st century isn't easy.
Everyone is an expert with advice to share
(regardless if recipient wants it).
Decisions decisions straight from the off.
Pink or blue?
Does it even matter?
Hospital or home birth?
Breast or bottle?
Breast for a while or long term?
On demand or every 4 hours?
In arms or in pram?
Cloth bum or disposables?
Co-sleep or own room?
Vaccinate or non-vax?
Dummy or no dummy?
No cry or cry it out?
Sleep training or no sleep training?
Set bedtime or sleep when tired?
Flow with daily rhythms or stick to routine?
Attachment Parenting or Super Nanny?
Nature or nurture?
Motherese or speaking properly?
Free play or structured?
Plastic toys or wooden?
Cbeebies or no TV?
Free range or helicopter?
Clean & tidy or muddy & messy?
Stay at home or back to work?
Only child or multiple children?
Water or juice?
Baby led or pureed mush?
Homemade or jars?
Family meals or eat when hungry?
Sweets & treats or healthy snacks?
Positive discipline or naughty step?
Smacking or non-violence?
Baby/toddler classes or not?
Family care or nursery?
School or home-ed?
Supportive of fellow parents or competitive?
Tiger Mum or Elephant Mum?
Technology or old skool?
Allowing for mistakes or controlled environment?
Yes or no?
My choices are not your business;
nor are your choices mine,
Yet we all have an opinion.
Who is right, who is wrong?
Is there no right answer.
We all want what is best for our child(ren).
Look at your child - happy, healthy, nourished?
You're doing it right.