Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Mothering Sunday : the floral holiday.
This is the day that mum's up and down the country get treated to breakfast in bed, a card and gift, generally the most expensive bunch of flowers outwith St Valentine's Day.  And today I am no different, except minus the flowers ( I prefer plants rather than flowers - plants live on while cut flowers die.  That said, around 8 or 9 years ago we gave my Mother in Law an orchid at Mother's Day and that thing is still going!!! My Mother in Law is like the plant whisperer).
For the past 5 years I haven't been fussed with Mother's Day (for me, not for my Mum/Mother in Law, they always gets their cards and flowers). It's just another commercialised day to inflate prices and force people to spend money "to show your mum you love her". For the past 5 years I have been met with raised eyebrows and confused expressions when I answer the "what did you get?" questions with, "An extra cuddle" or similar.
This year is the first that Mothering Sunday has been embraced - and led by Kiddo himself. Hubby filled me in on the back story :

Kiddo had seen the adverts on the TV and in shops regarding Mother's Day and mentioned it 
"Dad, Mother's Day is soon and I want to make Mum a card and get her flowers"
"Ok, we can make her a card on Sunday when it's just you and me, and Mum is at work. How does that sound?"
"Great, now, the first thing we need to do, is go to Funky Pigeon dot com"
(Really, Kiddo is not feeling the crafting bug at all. Hubby was all prepared for an afternoon of glue, glitter and mess)
As with most of Kiddo's ideas (this is where he takes after me I think), he was all excited about the idea of making a card and buying flowers, but the reality was somewhat different. "We'll do it later". 
Would the Junior Procrastinator please step forward...

On Friday, I was getting the messages and as we passed the card section, Kiddo decided that he wanted to buy me a card for Mother's Day. He went over (I busied myself with the magazines), picked a card he liked and put it in the trolley. Done!
On Saturday we went into town to get flowers for the Mothers (mine and Hubby's) after having breakfast in bed - Mother's Day arrived a day early round ours; Mother's Weekend???
This morning, I was wished a "Happy Mother's Day" by a very excited 4yo, given an extra squashy cuddle (read : almost strangled) and served breakfast in bed.  Now, the home made waffles with maple syrup and the mug of coffee were both made and served by Hubby rather than Kiddo, because Kiddo wanted to share breakfast in bed with me. I could really get used to this.
My boys know me so well. The card Kiddo picked was not a "Mother's Day" card, but a general card picked from the card section and one that he liked. It is perfect for a tree hugger like myself - well picked, Kiddo!

(I lov yuoo)

The flowers were not a realistic purchase at the end of the day.  But as Kiddo had been talking about Mother's Day to his Dad, Hubby decided to get me a gift from our son. Since my imagined fantasy of lovingly home made and crafted macaroni necklaces and pasta shapes decorated 'jewellery boxes' will forever remain in my head, my gift was purchased. And I love it: handmade journal (with handmade paper!!!) and a beautiful scarf.
Yip, my boys know me well.

Happy Mother's Day to all Mamas out there and to your own Mamas.  Whether you get the biggest bunch of flowers, a home made present, breakfast in bed or simply a big hug and "I love you", today is our day. Enjoy it.