Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter Weekend

mThis past weekend has been a rather mixed bag of events.  Starting on Thursday at our Home-Ed group in Fife, our theme was of course Easter and Spring. As usual there were crafts to try, stories to read, toys and pals to play with. Kiddo enjoys the playing and the stories, but not so much the crafting side (no surprises there). Except this time he sat with my friend and banished me from the table (no problem, I was more than happy to play a game with my friend's daughter). He then made me...actually, by Easter Chick!!!!  I am completely blown away, both by the fact he made this  and that he made it for me (cue big hugs and a lump in my throat). As if this was not enough, he coloured in a stained glass picture and potted seeds to grow cress.  3 different activities, as well as the hunt for the chicks outside and normal playing and stories.  It was an awesome afternoon.

Good Friday passed by without event and less than Spring-y weather. Time in the house was put to use - making our banner for the Bairns Not Bombs, Scrap Trident rally and march in Glasgow :


 Easter Saturday was a glorious day. The sun was shining, Kiddo and I were off to Glasgow and my hall was finally getting papered.  I am happy to report that in the end, I won the wallpaper debate.  Our hall is now beautifully decorated in the paper Hubby initially said "Oh. Hell. No" to:

So off to Glasgow we go, banner in hand and Kiddo with his peace flag that he made last year, on the train, sporting my new Vote Green t-shirt.  The bloke in the station ticket office asked if we were going to the rally, as half the town appeared to be going!


The march was great, Kiddo did well. He joined in on the "Bairns Not Bombs, Scrap Trident Now!" chant, and told the lady beside us that he's a bairn and that bombs are bad as they could really hurt the whales.  I saw a fair few faces I "know" from the world of twitter and facebook - Hello to Zara Kitson and Sarah Beattie-Smith! I can say hello here, but I would have felt a bit of a wally going over and saying hello in person. Then, in a bout of 'fuck-it', I boldly (and rather excitedly) asked Maggie Chapman (Scottish Greens Co-Convener) for a picture!   I did meet a fellow Home-edder and twitter pal at the Rally, who recognised us from our banner.  Turns out I have already met her daughter and husband at a Home-Ed meet up last year.  It's great to actually meet the real person after chatting away on Twitter for so long.  Saturday night I was rather sad (not sad as in upset, sad as in political science geek) and while everybody else was cheering on Stevie on The Voice (well done, by the way - I watched it on catch up on Sunday evening), I spent ages reading about the rally, the speeches from Patrick Harvie, Nicola Sturgeon and Cat Boyd, and looking at all the photos on-line. I spotted our banner in a couple of pics, including the one above from West Dumfries branch of the SNP.

 After an exciting day Kidd and I settled down for some bedtime stories.  Just before he dropped off to sleep, his last thoughts of the evening were: "I can't wait for tomorrow. I hope the Easter Bunny brings me and egg and I can go on a hunt to find it".   Right. So just because I'm not all that bothered about Easter, turns out that Kiddo is very much bothered about Easter!  I had a bit of an accident with his egg, but didn't think it would really matter. WRONG!!!   When hubby went for his dinner break at around 1am on Sunday morning, he was greeted by a text from me along the lines of :
"If there are ANY Easter Eggs or choc anything, remotely Easter-like (I don't care how shit it is), please buy it!"
In a moment of emergency, I had to 'borrow' my nephew's egg (sorry Sis...), remove it from the box (it was a Creme Egg, Egg - Kiddo hates Creme Eggs) and hide the wrapped choc egg somewhere for him to find in the morning.  In lieu of a garden, household plants came to the rescue - thank you, cheeseplant.  I am actually so glad that this was where I chose to hide it, as according to Kiddo in the morning, the Easter Bunny like to hide chocolate eggs among the roots of trees and bushes (!!! Really? I never knew that!).  Thankfully Kiddo slept in on Sunday morning, which allowed Hubby to get home with his secret chocolate stash, undetected.  Now, what I haven't shared before, is that it is not only me who loves a bit of a Blue Peter crafting session....Hubby does too!  All the Easter decorations instore had been taken down on the Saturday night, so with an odd bit of shelf stripping and a couple of pieces of bunting, scissors, sellotape and a stapler, (and to the amusement of his colleagues on shift), Hubby spent his lunch hour making an Easter basket filled with an assortment of chocolate goodies - all eggs and easter 'animals'.  He is my hero! Oh, and did I mention he bought me a big chocolate egg too - has had it hidden for the past few weeks!

Easter was saved and all was well.  Kiddo went to his Grandparents fuelled wholly by a chocolate breakfast and I went off to work, missing the blue skies and sunshine. 
Surprisingly enough, the weather was still beautiful today. Spring has finally arrived. Everyone seems to be in a better mood when the weather is in a better mood. I hope it decides to stay awhile.