Friday, 17 April 2015

Hallway Project pt2

I wrote about the redecoration project that was our hallway, back in February.  I am happy to say, it is now 99% complete! Have I already mentioned that I won the wall paper debate?
The before pics can be found here.
And here's the after pics, Tadaahh!:

 What is a home without a laughing Buddah?

The shoe rack has been re-homed as I felt it was too bulky in the narrow hall. Instead it has been replaced with a Lack shelf from Ikea (which resulted in the use of every expletive known in the Western World, when trying to hang the bloody thing!):

The mirror belonged to my Great Aunt, who passed away  just after Kiddo was born.  I love it and think the brick background really shows it off. (Plus it's in a great light for putting on make-up)

This vintage coat hook I found in a charity shop about 10+ years ago, is perfect for holding my handbags.

Kiddo is particularly happy with this light shade since he picked it!

The front door needs a coat of paint (actually, it's perfectly fine the way it is, but I want to give it a coat or 2 of paint). And this is the colour I'm thinking of:

All that is needed now, is to decide which pieces of 'art' to hang on what will become my 'gallery wall'. I have collected over the years pieces that I have created, paintings that Kiddo has painted, prints and postcards we have bought/received, or just some cool images I have found online and printed (sorry to any artists out there...) as well as some motivational words/phrases and a large framed Desiderata to find a 'space' for. Oh, and a rug, preferably a circular one. And then we're done.
It is taking a wee while to complete the decorating, especially as it has now been 2 years in the making. But I am happy to say that taking our time is well worth the wait, as we are delighted with the results.
Next room for the project treatment is our bedroom.