Friday, 8 May 2015

1st Birthday!

How can it be that The Scarf Lady Chronicles is 1 year old?  1 year and 1 day (ok, so I'm late in realising we have a birthday!) since I wrote my first ever blog post and what an interesting and incredibly quick year it has been.

When I first started out, I wasn't sure what I'd really write about; family life, home education, possibly some housey things as we go about decorating our home. I had no idea at the time that a mere month later I would embark upon the all consuming ride that was my 100 days countdown to the biggest event of the year: The Scottish Independence Referendum. It took on a life of its own and then this blog was 'political'. I've also shared some of my poems, our family days/activities/festivities , my parenting beliefs and shitty days,  how Kiddo is  getting on in his HE adventures and the progress we are making with turning our flat 'digs' into our family home. What's the plans for the coming year? No clue!

I was talking to a friend just yesterday, as they kids splashed about in the new pools at the Falkirk Wheel, about blogging (and social media in general) and content. I find myself in a position with  numerous posts either completed or half way done, sitting in 'draft' as I don't know whether to publish or continue - are they too personal? I'm going through one of those periods of wondering if we are sharing too much? Personally, I love reading other people's blogs of their lives and how they live them; picking up some tips, learning something new or thinking about something from a different perspective, but do I want to share my life quite so openly? How much is too much? I'm wary of sharing too much about Kiddo and already don't share photos of him as he is entitled to his privacy. There will be time enough when he is older, that if he wants his pictures online he can do it himself, he can share his own stories and adventures, as they are his to tell, not mine. Looking back though, I have already shared quite a bit about him...hmm. Then again, by getting everything down, I can focus on what we are doing and where we are rather than just coasting along - but does that need to be public? Why not? As I am interested in other's lives, there are other readers interested in mine.  Some of the drafts I have sitting cover topics such as 1 child families: a parenting taboo, a half written one about the birth of Kate and Wills daughter, the outcome and my feelings on the General Election,  aligning my moral compass to my budget versus my beliefs, 4 poems, cooking and recipes, amongst others.

The Scarf Lady Chronicles is a bit of a mixed bag of topics, so maybe I will just continue to write and share what feels appropriate at the time; a bit like life, taking it one step (or blog post) at a time.
In the mean time, I am enjoying, not a birthday cake, but a double chocolate cookie (or 2)  for my breakfast with my coffee.  If you can't have a cookie for breakfast on your belated birthday, when can you, eh?

Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting over the past year, pop by again soon.
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend x