Sunday, 7 June 2015

The 90's are making a come back

*This post is photo heavy*

I saw a tweet yesterday referencing the fashions of the 1990's and a facebook conversation about childhood, which then got me reminiscing. I loved the 90's. It was a freaking awesome decade! It seems like just 10 years ago, rather than 1990 actually being 25 years ago. 25!! When the hell did that happen??? Next I'll realise that Definitely Maybe was released 21 years ago.  Argh!! Stop!!! I am not that old!!! Oh, wait a minute.. I started high school in 1990...

So what was so good about the years that took me through my teens to early 20's? Where do I begin...? This is my nostalgic trip down my 90's lane

TV programmes - in no particular order

Blossom (and Joey Lawrence "Whoa")

 Films - in no particular order 
(saw * these at the old pictures in town, where we had to queue up outside 
in the rain before getting in to watch the film)

Music - again in no particular order
(Grunge and Britpop were most definitely my favourite genres of music. Not going to list ALL of the bands I loved, just a little flavour)



Almost all Britpop bands as well as the fantastic soundtracks to accompany the above films (Pulp Fiction, Resevoir Dogs) .  Of course I can't forget big 90's tunes and dance moves of The Macarena or Saturday Night.

Fashion - the 'fashion' of the decade started and ended quite differently, 
from grungey to indie-kid and babydoll dresses to Ally McBeal mini skirted business suits.  
The key pieces (in my wardrobe) were as follows: 

Very Early 90's -

(Aged 12 in 1990)
Chav! Hooded tops, dungarees, Benzini /Mackenzie/ Naff Naff jumpers, big ski jacket, Benetton duffle bag (mine was pink and was my school bag, which cut into my shoulder)
large multi-coloured swatch watch (with pop-off face), lots and lots of bangles and friendship bracelets and hair scrunchies, Bodyshop perfume - Dewberry or White Musk. Got my hair permed for starting high school - it was straight again within 48 hours. Permed again in 1992...who can say poodle? (Never have and never will perm again. Shame, as I loved the smell of the perm lotion. I know, weirdo!)

Early to Mid 90's -

  (check out the dungarees, chokers, high waisted jeans, 
blouses, circular sunglasses, braces and lumberjack shirt. 
Aged 14/15)

Grunge! (although the photos aren't exactly 'grungey' - need to raid my Mum's photo albums) Velvet chokers, homemade jewellery (leather thong and bead necklaces, bracelets and earrings), circular sunglasses, as many silver rings as I had fingers, short dungarees, blouses (preferably chiffon or lace), crop tops, clunky shoes, braces (on teeth and with trousers), floppy velvet hats (gutted not to find any pics of my hats), matt lipstick, long cardigans, lumberjack shirts, Dr Martin boots (8 hole, black, covered in tipex doodles and laced with tartan ribbon, odd bags (patchwork trousers from Pie In The Sky on Edinburgh's Cockburn St), Guerlain Samsara perfume.

Mid 90's -

Indie! Dr Martin boots (10 hole, cherry red, steel toe cap), velvet blazer, denim jacket, over the knee socks, gutties, short choppy shaggy hair (loved Winona Ryder's and Natalie Imbruglia's hair), babydoll dresses, high waisted jeans, dark purple nail polish, Vanilla Fields perfume, tartan (trousers [worn with trainers] and dress [worn with docs]), floaty skirts, big jumpers. Canvas army satchel shoulder bag.
Inspired hair  Justine Frischmann & Louise Wener

Mid to late 90's -
- much of the same but had a phase where I tried out stripey 'Ginger Spice' hair (!!!)  and maintained a ridiculous love of crop tops. Rennie Mackintosh jewellery was very popular and I wore Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue perfume or Cerruti 1881

Late 90's -

- Glam! Mini skirts, going out outfits - short and tight! High heels and small box handbags. Thierry Muglar Angel perfume, first tattoo (Japanese symbol for 'friend'). Since I had chucked uni, it was all business dress during the day, and a love of matching twin-sets, infact I still love those little cardigans! And an array of hair do's.

*More photos can be found here from my hair styling dilemma post*

Sayings which became popular during the 90's
Snogging (moved on from winching. 
I STILL hate the word winching. Ugh, makes my skin crawl)

The cool, the bad, the memorable
The Bodyshop/Miss Selfridge/Topshop
Mix tapes
Sun/Moon/Stars everything
Getting a TV in my own room
Getting a midi hifi with a CD player
Slumber parties
Athena Posters
Telling my mum that Kurt (Cobain) had died and her thinking it was the 
big samoyed dog that lived over the back...he was called Kirk!!!
Penpals - I had loads
Teletext - to get penpals.
Trolls (I had a substantial collection of the colourful longhaired lovelies)
The annoyance of waiting to get on the phone,
 only to be told after 5 mins to get back off it.
Mrs Blythe, Mr Beaumont, Mrs Stewart (best teachers in school)
Just 17 magazine/19/Cosmo
Getting first job at 14 in local paper shop working for an old curmudgeon for 
£24 per week (after school and weekends)
The Babysitter Club books
Jackie Collins' Lucky Santangelo series
Helen Fielding's Brigit Jones's Diary novel
Freya North novels
Getting a 'half' (fare) on the bus on a Friday/Saturday night and using fake ID to get into pub
Driving lessons for £14 (and no theory test)
Going to so many live gigs
Sang Let's Get Rocked by Def Leppard on Clyde 1's Tiger Tim with 2 friends,
and we 'won' the Jive Bunny 3 pack...
Pub quiz team name was always the 'Ribena Berries'
Skipping school one day to go to boyfriend's house, only to remember it was 
parent's night that night, so had to get my arse back to school quick smart!
Flying down to London on my birthday for interview assessment with Virgin Airlines. Passed with 'flying colours' (see what I did there? Apologies...) right to the end, until 1-2-1 when discovered training was when I was on holiday. Didn't get the job after asking if they would compensate the expense of lost hols....
Disposable cameras
The underage haven that was our grunge/indie disco den : Pennies.
Hooch - alcopops were just new
Getting drunk for the first time
My mum's "It'll kill you or cure you" approach to looking after mine (and pal's) hangovers 
with glasses of resolve
Long vodkas, Blue Bols or Peach Schnapps  with lemonade
(have not been able to stomach Peach Schnapps since passing 6th year exams - hellish hangover)
Tequila shots with midouri chasers (!)
Getting drunk from the feet up on Malibu, Jim (gin) and fresh orange
Marlborough Lights
Vodka and Fresh Orange (for Vitamin C, obvioulsy)
Mobile phones towards end of the decade
Holidays with friends by bus - to Amsterdam and Spain
Going veggie for 5 years
18th birthday in Spain
Joined Greenpeace, WWF and The Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society
Princess Diana died - found out in a taxi at 5am 
as I sneaked out of then boyfriend's house, trying not to wake his parents
Went to and dropped out of university
My first car was an aubergine coloured Ford Fiesta called Dolly.
Getting paid double time on a Sunday and Bank Holidays when working for large supermarket
Weekend ticket to T in The Park was £50 (incl camping)
Never being able to forget the prologue to Romeo & Juliet:
"Two households, both alike in dignity,
In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,"
Going to Florida with friends the year BEFORE we could drink there
Being ill at the end of 1999 and not taking Prince's advice to party.
The summer of 95 was roasting
Lying to the police in Florida then hoping the taxi driver wasn't going to kill us
Being a bit tipsy on last day of school and having to leave the church ceremony...
Group of 7 friends all went on holiday to Spain when we were 17,
Being a total 'do-gooder' in school
Broke my arm on the Speedway at the Tryst Fayre,
at the same time my sister broke her arm when our dog took her for a walk...

It's crazy to think how much has changed since the turn of the century - internet, social media, smart phones, downloads, how we communicate with friends and family, how family lives are different, how friendships have changed,  how we choose to spend out spare time.  It's comforting to appreciate what hasn't changed, for example I still love the same music. And it's funny to see how people and relationships have evolved, and how some people have come back into my life again while others never really left.
I loved the 90's, and all the memories held within that time; possibly because it was when I grew up and all stuff that happens during that time, it holds a special place in my heart. Would I want to go back and do it all again? Sometimes, but generally no (although I do want a new pair of docs, a velvet blazer and I still wear over the knee socks and am still really tempted to get a short shaggy cropped hair do). The 90's are of its time, and my rose-tinted bubble will keep it preserved in all it's grungey glory.


ps - once I go through my parent's photo albums, hopefully I'll be able to add some more - like those awful perms!!