Monday, 3 August 2015

July 2015

Loch Lomond last Tuesday

Dreich. That is how I would describe July this year.  A long and frustrating game of hide and seek with the sun (and it won); only showing itself for the briefest of spells before disappearing behind the clouds again.  For a pluviophile like  myself, that is no bad thing. The sun hates me and is hell bent on burning my peely wally pale skin regardless of sun cream factor applied! We have had some very welcome thunder storms and warm rain. I have enjoyed that rain, which falls straight to the ground without the interference from the wind. Standing barefoot on the back grass (probably to the confusion of my neighbours) just enjoying the fresh clean air and the clarity such rain brings; the sense of calm. 

But this is summer. And it's not meant to rain this much (even by Scottish standards). I don't remember such a crap summer, ever! That said, it has not stopped us from going about our business as usual.  In the 31 days of the past month we (as a family or just Kiddo and I or just me on my own) have had plenty time being busy, being bored, playing, chilling, arguing, annoying each other, laughing, learning, reading, or zombifying watching tv; living. Same as any other month.  

 Picking Berries in Inchinnan Fruit Farm, Glasgow
 Found this Large Emerald beauty resting on our front door - check out its face!!

Every day is a school day

What have we been up to ? Well, Edinburgh Zoo, Loch Lomond Sea Life Centre, Home Ed Groups (covering topics and learning about space / musical instruments / circus skills), library, berry picking, moaning about customers and their first world problems that pass through my check out (seriously contemplating writing a 'Checkout Etiquette' piece, for both customer and cashier) started an oceans project, finally watched all of The Great Gatsby from start to finish, and despite fabulous sets and costumes, being a little disappointed with the actual movie,  visiting and learning with Jupiter Urban Wildlife Centre (pond dipping / mini beast hunts / worms / mud / hayfever.. ok the last one was me suffering, but it was fun between sneezes), playing with pals, playing in the local parks and skate park, playing the play station (the boys, not me - I hate gaming, and my 'playing' ability is proof of this), enjoying red wine (me, only me), I made a filofax (terribly organised and yuppy-ish but totally worth it), helping on the local Scottish Greens street stall, out leaflet dropping with fellow Greens for local by election, visiting family, watching new programmes on Netflix (still loving Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and discovered a love for Grace & Frankie, but ditched Wayward Pines [not on Netflix] because we couldn't bear to waste any more time on it), Blair Drummond Safari Park with Grandparents, Deep Sea World in North Queensferry, Falkirk Wheel, 1 solitary barbeque for nephew's birthday (in an "it was sunny" shocker!)

So now we are in August and there has been no marked improvement weatherwise as yet.  I have been reliably informed by different customers at work that we are "in for a heat wave" and "it's to be the same as July". Needless to say I am just looking forward to Autumn - what's not to love about Autumn? Plus our autumnal calendar is filling up, I have had to book my mum in for babysitting already : 3 gigs, Scottish Greens conference, wedding anniversary, more home improvements and decorating planned.

But before I get excited for the next season, Hubby has a birthday and Kiddo has his first day "not starting school" to celebrate this month.
Happy days.