Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The Name Game

Around this time of year is when we see the Top 10 Baby names of the year.  I admit, I do always have a look to see what is trending. I'm a nosy bugger and am always keen to find out the name of any new born. This years can be found in the HuffPost.

A seemingly new trend on parenting and baby websites, is the lists of Top 10 unusual baby names, the Top 10 names from TV or other popular influences, top French names, Alternative names or Royal names, throughout the course of the year. Not being a particularly trendy person or follower of fashion, I didn't name my offpsring based on what was "in", I am definitely more of a "it's just what I like" sort of a person.

Kiddo's name was picked before Hubby and I were married and about 3 years before he was even conceived (both his actual name, and that if he had been a girl), and it is a family name, rather than a 'fashionable' one. In 2010, when he was born, Kiddo's name was in the Top 25 Scottish baby names that year, but now has fallen into the Top 35 names (which to be honest pleases me).

The names I like have not really changed much over the past decade - trends come and go, but my lists have remained pretty static except for one or two when, I went through a Callum/Lewis/Freya/Ava period, but they fell out of my top list due to increasing popularity.  Old Granny/Grandad Chic names are making a comeback, which is great as I love them, but their popularity is certainly not a requisite to liking a name.

So, in keeping with the timely list of popular baby names, I thought I would compile my very own Top 10  names.  If you finds yourself in need of choosing a baby name in the coming months, first of all, congratulations, second of all, look no further - here's a bonny selection for your perusal.

Lissa's Top 10 Girls Names

1. Iris - Goddess of the rainbow and my all time favourite name. Simply beautiful.
2. Pearl - My middle name is Margaret, which means "Mother of Pearl". It would have been very fitting
3. Noa - Just really like it
4. Innes - Traditionally a boys name but is actually unisex. I love "boys" names for girls and is also a family name on my side.
5. Stevie - Again with the "boys" names for girls and the family connection
6. Naomi 
7. Vera - this is a new entry. I had a dream that I had a daughter and called her Vera. Actually love this name now!
8. Violet
9. Nora

The last 3 are however constantly switching between Finley, Isa(dora) and Clara...

Lissa's Top 10 Boys Names

1. Sonny
2. Oscar
3. Rudy
4. Jude
5. Jesse - As much as I have a thing for girls having "boys" names, the same is true for the reverse.
6. Jody
7. Art(hur)
8. Grey
9. Indi
10. XXX A name has entered my Top 10, but I cannot name it here - my friend Sian named her son a most fabulous name last month, which is so unique and wonderful that it is most definitely now one of my favourites, but wouldn't want lots of littlies running about with the same name, so I'm not disclosing it here. Sorry.

There we are.  I think I may need to buy a fish tank and some tropical fish and get naming!  I wonder if there is a job as a professional baby namer that I could have - most definitely a career I would enjoy.