Wednesday, 20 January 2016

#RealHomeEd Day

In a complete contradiction to Saturday's post about how I don't wish to write about Kiddo's home education adventures, here's a post about exactly that!  In my defence, I took part in a day on Twitter under the hashtag #RealHomeEd which was created by friend, and fellow blogger/home educator, Lynn Blair, of Making Clay.

The purpose of the day was to show the diversity of education that takes place all over the country, how different families 'do it' and how it works. No two children are the same (even within the same family) so no two styles of learning are the same, which is part of the beauty of home education; a tailor fitted learning path that works for each individual.

I was keen to take part as we are still finding our way along our path (although to be honest, I think this may always be the case, because isn't life a bit like that any way?) and I'm always on the look out for hints, tips and things to try to aide Kiddo's learning journey.

So with that in mind, here was a snap shot of one day in the life of #RealHomeEd :

8.45 Kiddo woke up, which meant I had had 2.5hrs to myself to have breakfast with Hubby before he left for work - a training course in Glasgow. I prefer it when he's working days rather than nights, but it's only for 2 days this week. Never mind, enjoying it whilst it lasts.  I had peace to attend to emails, my own work, and just chill with coffee and candles (my morning ritual) before the day began.

9.00-11.30 Playing : Lego, imaginative play (dragons) breakfast, discovery of a wobbly tooth (at our last dental check up, the dentist said Kiddo had the start of a wobbly tooth - that tooth is still firmly in place and going no where any time soon - this is a new wobbler!). We had 2 indepth discussions, both led by Kiddo,the first on the importance of friends, the second about dental hygiene and his fears of losing his teeth - it's not the falling out that is causing worry, it's that the tooth fairy will take them away, and they are his!!! So now I will help him write a letter to the fairy and leave it with the tooth asking that the fairy inspect the tooth but put it back. If we have to keep the teeth, they will be the first thing packed off in his suitcase when he leaves home. Shuddering at the thought, Hubby *joked* about making a necklace and then found this monstrosity on the internet :
Who does that???? 

Anyway, back to our day:
Lunch/clothes on/getting ready to go out

13.00-17.00 We head out for the afternoon. Off to the library, letting kiddo pick the route.  There was still some crunchy snow on the pavement which made it particularly easy to spot animal tracks, especially those of the polar bear.  Yes, we tracked a polar bear all the way to the park. What I enjoy about Kiddo's imagination and the world he creates around any situation, is the amount f knowledge he has crammed in. Whilst tracking the polar bear, he was continually relaying info about their diet, hunting styles, cubs learning how to hunt and why they play, where they live etc, completely engrossed. And guess what - we found the polar bear! I shit you not! The border collie out for a walk with it's owner was no ordinary border collie, no, no. It was a polar bear in disguise. We had to view it from behind a tree so it wouldn't see us or smell us. A quick play at the park and we were off again, stopping to splash in the puddles and throw ice and hardened slush in to the canal from the bridge. Ice and slush you say? Nope, the larger pieces were sperm whale mothers and the little ones were her calves, the ripples in the water as the cold ice fell were not ripples, but clicks. The whales were communicating "can you hear her clicks mum?". I usually throw a "proper question" in here and there, and today's was "do you know why the ice breaks when it hits the water and why the slush melts" " Uh huh, it's coz the water is warmer than the slush so it melts. Now listen to this click [chucks BIG bit of hardened sluch over te bridge]". Gloves now soggy and so wearing mine, I was getting chilly, the library was still about a good 20 minute walk away, so we had a race.  We checked the time on my phone, and each guessed how long it would talk to walk, what time it would be in the phone when we arrived (I won! Sorry, I can't help being competitive, even with a 5 year old). It took 1.5 hours to walk to the library, which would take me about 25 mins to walk, 6 mins to drive.

Once in the comfort and warmth of the library we found some books and read them. Today the book of interest was "How To Be A Spy". Then to my shock and then proud mama moment, Kiddo took himself off to the Librarian's desk and asked the Librarian where to find the Steve Backshall books. Together they found them, he was fascinated by the code at the bottom of the spines, having not noticed them before. They were lined up on the table in order before reading.  After an hour or so, we checked out our books (mine were recipe books) and headed home. 

We dawdled along the road chatting and snacking on some chocolate he found in his bag from Christmas (how that had been missed until now I will never know!) before heading into another park. It was empty. He played until I could stay no longer  -needed to get home as had baked potatoes planned for dinner and they need a good hour in the oven, even after starting them in the microwave. We got back home a couple of minutes before Hubby did, so Kiddo sat down on the step at the front of the building so we could all arrive home together. My upstairs neighbour arrived home from work and thought we were locked out, Kiddo explained we were waiting for his dad and then proceeded to tell her all about his day and how I forgot to post a birthday card (MUST remember to post it today!). 

17.00-20.30 Between dinner and bed, Kiddo had some time on the play station, Lego Dimensions. I love listening to the story he weaves as he plays, it is more often than not, not the story that is on th screen but something completely different instead and he is using the characters on the screen to further his own tale.  He took his new library books to bed and set about reading about more animals and the adventures of Steve Backshall until lights out and sleep fell over him.

So that was yesterday, which looks nothing like today, nor any other day. But as the same time is not a day out of the ordinary, if that makes sense. It's just a day in our life. What subjects did Kiddo cover today? Socialisation, social skills, reading, problem solving, telling the time, creativity, biology, science and P.E.  Reading the tweets from yesterday it was fascinating to see so many different activities, interests being pursued and the different ways other families go about their days, facilitating the learning needs of their kids.  One of the things I am always reminded of, is how much I learn, not from finding out stuff for Kiddo, but actually from him himself.

I suppose I had better make a start on today, that coffee cup is empty, time now for tea.

Thanks for #RealHomeEd, Lynn. It was fun.